“Valan Group” LLC has been a well-known and well-reputed company in Armenian market since 2000. From the very beginning of its activities thousands of consumers and partners have valued the non-standard working style, the unique organizational enthusiasm and the high demanding attitude towards the quality and goodwill.  

Initially intended to have high competitive position in the market, only the leading companies were selected for cooperation, which provided high-class service and quality at all stages of work starting from design to delivery to the consumer.

You can buy aluminum, wooden aluminum windows, metal-plastic doors, windows, facade systems, glass constructions, vitrage/stained glass, sectional  and remote control doors, folding doors, interior wooden doors of different preferences and tastes.

The activities of the company, which comply with the highest construction standards of the developed countries, had noticeable impact on urban development image of the city and made it more attractive and modern.

“Valan Prof” company was established in 2000 and introduced a number of European well-known companies to the Armenian market. Today “Valan Prof” is the official representative of Russian Salamander and Brugman, German G-U company, Siegenia, Morelli and Dorma companies in Armenia.

Since 2009 “Valan Prof” has been the  official representative of “Volhovec” Russian company, which is the leading company in the field of production of natural wood and ecologically pure interior doors, as well as the Belgian company “Reynaers”, Greek company “Etem”, Russian company “Stoller”, Russian “Zadoor” company and English “Pilkington”, which is the leading company in glass manufacturing.

Since 2016 “Valan Prof” has started to cooperate with German company “Doco”, “Sommer” և “ItalPannelli” worldwide companies by bringing an exclusive selection of sectional and remote control gates for garages and entrances of houses.

A great selection of Belgian “Quick Step” and Russian “Kronospan” laminate floors is presented in “Valan Prof” salon-stores. All the floors presented in our stores have gentle colors, ecologically pure raw material, endurance and durability. They are easily installed and maintained in different situations.

After having successful experience “Valan Group” had developed and successfully implemented another business project and in 2012 launched the opening of specialized salon-store of “Valan Decor” wallpapers.  

Since 2013 “Valan Decor” has started production of decorative PVC cornices and ceilings, decors around the perimeter of chandeliers under the brand name “DecoStar

Being one of the leading companies in Armenian market for 17 years, on November of 2016 “Valan Group” company also opened a showroom of “Volhovec” company on 23/9 Davit Anhaght street with an area of 700 sq.m. The exclusive selection of Volhovec interior doors was presented to buyers. The Russian brand is famous for its attractive design solutions and high quality features.

Guided by the slogan “Always One Step Forward”, “Valan Prof” LLC sets new goals and proves all its advantages by doing and not speaking.

Head office, workshop and showroom
Armenia, 0090, Yerevan Nor Nork 6th Micro-District, Badal Muradyan St., 6/1 Building (Nor Nork adm. district)
"Yerevan" cinema "Yerevan" cinema Armenia, 0010, Yerevan Tigran Metsi Ave., 6 Building (Kentron adm. district)
Armenia, 0018, Yerevan Nar-Dosi St., 71 Building (Kentron adm. district)
Armenia, 0014, Yerevan Davit Anhaghti St., 23/9 Building (Kanaker-Zeytun adm. district)
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