DnD Martinelli was founded in 1968 in Brescia, Italy by Angelo Martոnelli. This small company was once one of the leading manufacturers in the field of handle production, which is distinguished by its high-quality features in the market, and, of course, beautiful and unique design. Today, DnD is run by Vilma Martinelli and his children, Pietro and Simona Martineelli, who have been instrumental in the company’s development. DnD Martinelli manufactures handles from many different materials, such as aluminum and brass.

Head office, workshop and showroom
Armenia, 0090, Yerevan Nor Nork 6th Micro-District, Badal Muradyan St., 6/1 Building (Nor Nork adm. district)
"Yerevan" cinema "Yerevan" cinema Armenia, 0010, Yerevan Tigran Metsi Ave., 6 Building (Kentron adm. district)
Armenia, 0018, Yerevan Nar-Dosi St., 71 Building (Kentron adm. district)
Armenia, 0014, Yerevan Davit Anhaghti St., 23/9 Building (Kanaker-Zeytun adm. district)
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