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    Welcome home! It attracts your attention from the first sight and not only the first. Because profile systems  Brügmann bluEvolution 73 for entrance doors are specially made in compliance with the highest requirements. Very stable construction with large steel reinforcement enables to endure continuous load by standing the highest comfort. 4-chamber profiles with closed contours of gaskets guarantee ideal thermal insulation and standard sound reduction. For security purposes, the accessories with 3 or 5 points with locking devices are used, so that your home will be secure.  
    Construction width of the frame: 163 – 185 mm
    Construction width of the sash: 73 mm
    Thermal resistance: 1,1 М²Х ° C /Watt (steel with thermal insulation)
    Glass unit thickness: up to 44 mm
    Burglary resistance: class RC2  
    Technical specifications  
    Construction width 73 mm
    Height of profiles in the opening From 163 to 185 mm for combination of frame and sash
    Seal and gasket systems 2 closed contours of ТРЕ- gaskets, the profile is delivered without gaskets, it is possible to deliver black or grey gaskets upon preliminary order
    Chamber structure5 chambers in the frame and 4 chambers in the sash
    Areas of applicationEntrance doors
    Thermal resistanceUp to 1/Ud = 1,25 (m2K)/Watt* *sizes of samples per DIN EN 14351-1: 1,23 m x 2,18 m
    AccessoriesStronger accessories installation for 2D system profiles is guaranteed. Screw fastening through a number of walls and reinforcing overlaps of the profile ensure special installation of accessories.
    GlazingAll standard glass units, including with thermal insulation, sound reduction and burglary resistance
    Glass thickness   up to 52 mm for doors with external raised panel up to 72 mm
    MaterialHigh quality plastic Advantages of plastic: ecologically clean plastic may be used as a secondary raw material for profile production, meanwhile the quality is preserved and the closed cycle of production is ensured.
    ColourWhite (mass-colored in one color) with continuous service lifetime due to gasket technology of the upper part, as well as mass-colored: anthracite, creamy, brown, caramel: more than 30 decors of lamination; special decors will be made upon preliminary order

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