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duo vision

The classic operator with separate control unit housing

The duo vision garage door operator from SOMMER impresses on two levels with its innovative technology and elegant appearance. Types: duo vision 500 \ duo vision 650 \ duo vision 800 The distinguishing features of the different types can be found in the technical details.

Product advantages

Highest level of flexibility Thanks to separate control unit housing for flexible wall or ceiling installation. No additional power sockets need to be installed on the ceiling. Optimal voltage supply No matter which at position a power socket is installed in your garage, with the flexible duo vision system, you can install the control unit housing exactly where you want it. Accident prevention through electronically controlled force measurement The operator learns on its own and runs in the currently most economical way thanks to the DPS (Dynamic Power System). It adapts to the environment and always moves at the same speed. For the operator, obstacles mean that it suddenly needs more force. In this case, it stops or reverses. This prevents injury and damage to property. No additional connections necessary Since all relevant connections for photo eyes, buttons, warning lights and TorMinal are already present, no additional control units are necessary. Optimal application of force through soft running Efficient application of force guarantees controlled soft running in ramp form which prevents unnecessary power loss. Universal power supply Power can be supplied flexibly from the front or the rear. Emergency release in the event of power failure In the event of a power failure, the emergency release can be activated manually to open or close the garage door. Environmental and cost efficiency Consumption of electricity and environmental impact are low thanks to the efficient ring core transformer.    


  • Very fast and quiet opening and closing
  • Longer service life and less wear thanks to gentle transmission technology provided by the travelling motor
  • The chain is fixed, which means there is no frictional loss and loss of power as there is with a revolving chain
  • The chain is maintenance-free and does not need to be oiled so no dirty oil spots end up on your car or your garage door
  • The self-locking motor provides protection against break-in and unauthorised access; no additional locking mechanism is necessary


  • Power supply to both ends of the track possible, thus saving time and unnecessary cable extension during installation
  • Including 5 m connection cable
  • Ideal for retrofitting
  • Travel lengths of 2,600 mm, 3,000 mm and 3,400 mm possible


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