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pro+ / base+

  Highest level of flexibility (pro+) Flexible wall or ceiling installation thanks to the separate control unit housing of the pro+. No additional power sockets need to be installed on the ceiling. The integrated button in the control unit housing offers additional convenience in the garage.   Safety thanks to encrypted radio control system The garage door operator with bidirectional, rolling encrypted radio control system provides maximum security. The SOMloq2 radio control system transmits bidirectionally, which means that feedback on the send command or the door position can be received. The rolling code is encrypted with 128 bits, the same encryption that is used for online banking. Backward compatibility of the transmitter to the Somloq Rollingcode radio control system is always available. Emergency release Thanks to the integrated SOMMER emergency release system, the carriage can be engaged and disengaged in any position. This ensures security in any position, even if there is a power failure.   Quality Our garage door operators are tested and certified according to the strictest guidelines. 30 years ensures that our products are of the highest quality and naturally, “Made in Germany”.
  • pro+ is the innovative successor of the successful base+ garage door operator from SOMMER: Now even more flexible and convenient due to the separate control unit housing
  • Universal operator for sectional doors, overhead doors, swinging doors, up-and-over doors*, hinged double doors*, side-opening sectional doors and sliding gates
  • Integrated LED technology: durable, energy-saving and efficient lighting
  • Saves power: <1 watt standby
  • Made in Germany

Flexible installation types

The SOMMER pro+ combines our most advanced garage door control unit with the flexibility of a separate control unit housing. There are three alternatives for separate installation of the housing (front, rear or on the ceiling) so that existing power sockets can be used and you can enjoy the highest level of customised convenience. This is how our operator becomes your operator. At the same time, the integrated button is used for controlling the door and lighting.


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